What does DETERMINE OUR ACTIONS?  Have you ever wondered why you are like you are?  How did your beliefs develop and where do your habits come from?  As humans we are often subject to our beliefs because of our up bringing.  Our parents, teaches and peers are all responsible for who we are.  Combine that with a little something called live experience and we end up as we are.

What if you could easily and naturally change an aspect of your life?  What if you could reprogram what you believe and in doing so be able to access success in life, you never knew was possible.  Whether you are a professional athlete, CEO of a major company, a university/high school student, the CEO of your family or still trying to figure out exactly who you really are, I can help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few of the things that I have assisted people with:

        • Weight Loss
        • Work Promotion
        • Career Path
        • Anxiety
        • Phobias
        • Learning
        • Healing
        • Smoking
        • Drinking
        • Depression
        • Procrastination
        • Marriage Strength
        • Confidence
        • Jealousy
        • Compulsion
        • Stress
        • Health
        • Empowerment
        • Addiction
        • Eating Habits
        • Exercise
        • Happiness
        • Shyness
        • Rage
        • Self-esteem
        • Guilt



When you want to change, I am at your service.

All things start at the beginning